Metallic objects can be evenly coated with other metals by using galvanic equipment. This technique was invented by the Italian doctor Luigi Galvani in the 18th century and greatly applies in many different areas today. We care about the environment very much, therefore modern filter systems make sure that our pollutant emissions normally stay way below the lawful limits.

Surface Treatment

Let your product shine in new splendor! We irradiate, grind, polish and deburr everything at will and create a perfect surface.


There are many different ways to cut, deform and harden metal. In our company, these processes are always executed masterfully and precisely as they belong to our daily routine.


Of course, all our products made from metal can be engraved. Laser machines and CNC-controlled machines support our work. Apart from logo and name engravings, very individual engravings, e.g. for plates with a sequential serial number are possible. We will be glad to advise you on the possibilites which we can realise for you.
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