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Medals, emblems and tags – top quality since 1778

Our experience goes back over 200 years and with our excellent quality and our special customer orientation, we are the market leader to produce stylish, unique medals, tags, company badges and name badges without pins according to your request. We will be glad to advise you! Our offer ranges from tags and medals with individual engraving or embossing or company badges / name badges to pins and key rings which we also provide with embossing or engraving according to your request.

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We offer a transparent manufacture: during a virtual tour, follow the production process of tags with embossing, medals or emblems with engravings and so on step by step. From the first draft to the process of embossing and die cutting to our final inspection.

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Among our customers are reputable automobile and vehicle manufacturers like VW, Audi, Daimler, Bugatti, Alpina and MAN as well as prestigious authorities and associations such as the police, German federal criminal agency, German army and German automobile club. Moreover, EADS, Linde, Pirelli, Miele, Siemens, Mustering, Lufthansa, Merck and Warsteiner trust our quality as well as many more, well-known companies. 


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