Draft drawigng & production drawing

According to our customers' requests and ideas, we prepare a draft which determines the manufacture realisation of the product in terms of design, size and finish. Based on this draft, we prepare a customised offer.

Preparation of tools

Our modern CNC-controlled engraving machines cut, with the aid of the CAD data which is prepared from the production drawing, outlines, surfaces and 3 D forms in unhardened tool steel. During this process, the first draft of the embossed stamp is generated which we refinish in many different ways by moulding and riffling it and sanding off fine miling traces. Now, we check it with a lead print and harden it. Relief engraving and artistic work are hand-made by our in-house engravers.


The embossed stamp is hardened according to certain specifications. During this process, we heat it to over 800° C. Following, it slowly cools down in an oil bath.

Embossing and die cutting

With the hardened embossed stamp, our screw press and our hydraulic presses deform the raw material, mostly brass and other copper alloys. but also real silver and real gold. Depending on the size and embossing depth of the product, we work with a different embossing pressure of up to 1000 tons. The embossed piece anneals in our heat treatment line so that we can continue to deform the material during a second or third embossing process until the product has finally reached its ideal embossing. Following, we die cut the so formed piece in the requested form. The tools needed for this process are also made in our in-house factory.

Girdlering / Attachments

We apply different customised attachments in our girdlering department according to our customers' requests. Attachments can be tie pins, pins and latches as well as all kinds of brooch elements.

Surface / Electro-plating

Prior to the actual galvanic surface treatment, we condition the raw product with a method of acid cleaning to make it as good as possible metallically clean.. Subsequently, we can silver coat, gold coat, bronze and oxidate it. Further effects are achieved by sanding, polishing or brushing of the surface. Almost all our products are covered with a protective paint after finishing the galvanic treatment to avoid early aging and tarnishing.


Upon customer request, we can apply and stove paint in our paint shop. We are also in a position to offer fire enamel versions

Final inspection

Finally, we check the finished products one more time in our assembly department. If requested, we now add ribbons, chains and cases. Professionally packed, we send out our products to our customers
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